Led light selection considerations introduced

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How should we choose led lighting for green and environmentally friendly decoration? Led lamp selection considerations is introduced along with the people environmental protection consciousness to strengthen gradually, the led lamp in our life, use frequency is more and more high, decorate owner in addition to know led lights have environmental protection is an important characteristic for the popular, in addition to those advantages can make it for a long time base on our vast market of lamps and lanterns, in order to green environmental protection decoration design, we should how to choose the led lighting? Led light selection considerations introduced.

The principle of led lights, led lights is the most important in light-emitting diode, led, also is what we call it is a kind of semiconductor devices, can convert electric power into visible light, and in the led, set a chip, is composed of N type semiconductor and p-type semiconductor, connecting the two parts will form a p-n junction, so the chip is particularly important when electric current through the crystal electron would occur in the P zone energy, and then produce light source in the form of photons, which is where the principle of led lamp can shine. The choice method of LED lamp: 1. The LED with strong anti-static ability, long life and high price. Leds, usually larger than 700V, can be used for LED lighting. 2. The key of life quality is life, which is determined by light decay. Light decay small, long life, long life, high prices. 3. LED with uniform wavelength and consistent color is of high price. It is difficult for manufacturers without LED spectrometer to produce pure color products. 4. Leakage current

5. LED chip the luminescent body of LED is a chip, and the prices of different chips vary greatly. Japanese and American chips are more expensive, and LED chips from Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers are cheaper than Japanese and American ones. 6. Leds with different purposes have different lighting angles. Special luminous Angle, higher price. If full diffused Angle, the price is higher. 7. The size of chip size is indicated by side length, and the quality of large chip LED is better than that of small chip. The price is proportional to the size of the chip. 8. The colloid of common LED is usually epoxy resin. The LED with anti-ultraviolet and fireproofing agent is more expensive. The led light source is roughly have long service life, high and new technology, transform, features of the new type of green environmental protection light source sifang, say its life is long, because led solid cold light source, and using the epoxy resin encapsulation, so all aspects of the performance is also relatively strong, not easy to appear the phenomenon such as thermal deposition, droop; High and new technology refers to that the light source of led is low-voltage product, which is made by integrating advanced science and technology such as computing technology and image processing technology. Therefore, the light source is relatively high-end. The multi-transformation of led refers to the arbitrary mixing of led light sources based on the principle of red, blue and green. Finally, the so-called new green environmental protection light source refers to that the light source of led lamp is the cold light source used, which has no radiation and little glare, and will not produce harmful substances when used.