Jack board connected to high power electrical appliances will catch fire?

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Recently, some people on the Internet said that improper use of the cable board will become the culprit of fire, because the cable board is connected to a number of high-power electrical appliances, too large load easy to cause fire. Is that true? "Is it true?" : plug - board electrical appliances over their maximum power can easily cause fire?

Public attention is generally paid to the rated power of the plug

An investigation by reporters found that many citizens did not pay attention to the rated power of the plug board when using it, thinking that as long as the free jack can be connected to electrical appliances. In order to verify whether the cable board overload will increase the risk of fire, the reporter came to Beijing jiaotong university electrical and electronics laboratory, for hands-on experiments.

The equipment used in this experiment is a socket board rated at 2500 watts, a current test table, and two variable resistance boxes with adjustable power, to simulate the electrical appliances connected to the socket board.

Experimental results: the plug - in overload wire spontaneous combustion

At the beginning of the experiment, the power of the converter box was adjusted first. When the rated power reached 2500 watts, there was no obvious abnormality in the socket plate.

The power continues to increase, and when the power connection reaches about 20 kilowatts, a section of the wiring in the terminal board begins to smoke. For safety reasons, the experimenter immediately cut off the power and put out the flames.

It 'seems that a fire may be caused by too much power in the socket. If this happens in life, imagine the consequences.

Caution: note that after the rated power of the plug is switched off

According to experts, there is a limit to the current of the connector board from plugs, wires, switches to sockets. If it is used beyond the rated power, it will generate more heat and even cause a fire. In daily life, if the rating is exceeded, even if there is no such smoke phenomenon as in the experiment, there will be such situations as wire softening, fire, and peculiar smell. A fire can easily occur if there is any combustible near the cable or the cable.

Experts remind the public not only to pay attention to the rated power, but also to form a good habit of switching off power supply in a timely manner, do not cause irreversible tragedy because of temporary carelessness.